Hsinchu Glass Festival 2014 – posts to me



Andreas Döringer.

Glass Art Festival 2014 – Hsinchu City / Taiwan

I will exhibit at the Glass Art Festival at Hsinchu City in Taiwan!
Thanks to the curator Dr. Gerry King and the Festival organisator Ms. Mei Chiu Tai, I will, together with international renowned glass artists, join the group exhibition for the famous Glass Festival.
That’s the first time for me to exhibit abroad!
I wish the organizers of the festival a lot of success, fun and many visitors!

Work in progress…

I’m currently working on a new glass wall-art piece. The first photo shows the whole piece in the kiln at top temperature, the second the murrini pattern and the third is about (freehand)glasscutting made in Austria ;-)

Wohnen&Interieur design fair Vienna 2014